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Dream Meaning

Do you want to understand the meaning of your dreams? Good, you're right, this is a website dedicated to analyzing the meaning of dreams. Complete set of dreams are collected here, you can find your dream by index or search, and analyze its meaning. This website can help you and answer your questions about dreams.

The Theoretical Basis of Dream Meaning

Everything are related each other in the universe. The development of things seems unpredictable, but they are actually regular, symptomatic, and predictable. Just like our dreams, they are related to our psychology and the future. Dream-Meaning.org for the analysis of dreams has three theoretical basis:


What you think about in the day, you will dream of at night. Your dreams reflect your state of mind, Your innermost thoughts, or subconscious, sometimes take the form of dreams. So, through psychology, you can analyze the meaning of your dreams, so as to better understand yourself and know what you want.

"Zhougong's Dream Dictionary"

"Zhougong's Dream Dictionary" is an ancient book to interpret the meaning of dreams professionally. It is from China, Written thousands of years ago. After thousands of years of baptism, it has been constantly used and improved until today.

Dream collection statistics

Truth comes from practice, many scientific theories are based on extensive experiments and statistical analysis, dream interpretation is no exception. When you collect a large number of similar dreams, by doing the statistics, you will get the rules.

How to Use Dream-Meaning.Org

You can find dreams in two ways, one by dream subject(Menu on the left), and one by the first letter of the dream subject(The alphabet menu at the top). For example, if you want to find a dream about a snake, you should look under the animal category or the "S" category. Of course, you can also search "snake" directly, which is faster.